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Self L🤍ve Herbal Infusion is a beautiful blend of certified organic, caffeine free, immune boosting components. Rich in Vitamins A, B-6, C, E, antioxidants & anti-inflammatory ingredients,
Self L🤍ve Herbal Infusion is the perfect addition to your morning mediation, mid day pick me up, or your late night wind down. It also fits right in with those much needed & deserved self care days! You’ll feel all the “Self L🤍ve”  while steeping the herbal infusion in your heart shaped, rose gold infuser. Depending on the mix in your strainer & your choice of sweetener, the color will vary from a bright pink to a deep brick red. Please allow to steep the full seven minutes to reach peak flavor.
Self L🤍ve herbal infusion can be enjoyed cold, however it must be brewed with boiling water and allowed to cool down completely before doing so.
*The FDA does not support these claims.