About Stacked

 I was Born in St. Albans Queens, New York in 1978. Although I moved to Richmond, Virginia right before my tenth birthday, I hold some of the most amazing, vivid memories in my heart from my time there, it shaped me. My love for food, music & culture is diverse and transcends many nationalities. I love trying to recreate dishes from around the world. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters, g-ma to one grand-prince, a praise & worshiper, & one heck of a home cook! I am a brand & marketing ambassador & have been a certified, professional make up artist for eleven years. I enjoy the artistry of make up along with teaching people the value of a good skin care regimen.  Additionally, I absolutely love the direction plus size fashion has taken over the past decade, so every now & then I come from behind the scenes & get in front of the camera! In short, I am a creative to the core! I love combining my imagination with my years of life/work experience to develop & curate products that are luxurious & aesthetically pleasing. Stacked Confidential was born out of necessity. I wanted one universal place to showcase all of my talents/gifts/passions. I was tired of people telling me that i should pick one thing and just do that... I have a long list of things I dream of (and am actively working towards) accomplishing before these curtains close! Hopefully you will be inspired to get out of the box as well. Welcome to this portion of my journey... I aim to share light, love & positive vibes! blessings!